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We Fight Plastic Pollution

The Mission

The Oceanos are the protectors of the Seven Seas. For hundreds of years, they’ve been responsible for the protection of an ecosystem that is essential for the survival of human existence: the oceans, the lungs of our planet.

The Oceanos clean the oceans and help maintain the balance of our atmosphere, guaranteeing health, safety and food for all species. But in recent years, their treasured universe started to be invaded by an enemy created by mankind: plastic waste. Every minute, 1 truckload enters the oceans. 

The Oceanos have decided to fight back to save the oceans’ fauna and flora. They have gathered a powerful team of 3’335 selected members, every single one of them helping to fight plastic pollution.

These fantastic creatures live in the Oceanverse, and they need our help. That’s why the Oceanos have partnered with a real world label: #tide ocean material® . #tide is an international award-winning company, collecting plastic on islands and along coastlines and upcycling it while creating a strong environmental and social impact.

Hierarchy of the Oceanos

The Oceanos are well organized. Everyone plays an important role in the protection of sea life, from the Citizen to the President. 

By purchasing your personal Oceano, you will not only own a non-fungible token (NFT) with a unique look on the Ethereum blockchain, you’ll also contribute to cleaner oceans and become part of a movement.

Every Oceano Citizen supports a fisherman collecting plastic in the regions where #tide is actively sourcing ocean-bound plastic waste – in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

The Governors load the catch on a longtail boat that connects islands with the mainland, where the material is further processed in Social Enterprises supported by Senators.

The Senators make sure the plastic waste is sorted and washed properly. Then, the clean plastic litter is sent to the next phase of #tide’s upcycling process. The transformation into a high-quality material that can be used for an endless variety of durable products.

The Vice President is guaranteeing that all the involved creatures work tentacle to tentacle and hand in hand. The VP also makes sure that all the workers are being paid fairly. For the Vice President, giving plastic waste a value and raising awareness is just as important as meeting the highest ethical standards.

The President is committed to exploring new territories and expanding #tide’s know-how to regions where it’s desperately needed: from Africa to South America.


Q4 2021

Project creation

The Oceanos were created by humans who want to stop plastic pollution and save the oceans. We truly believe in the power of the NFT community and the metaverse. That is why we’ve partnered with specialists to create this unique collection of NFTs.

Every collectible will make an essential contribution: 80% of the funding will be used for #tide’s fight against pollution and therefor create an environmental, social and educative impact.

Q3 2022

Pre-sale & Public sale of 3'333 Oceanos + 1 VP

All the Oceanos except of the President will be available in a pre-sale, open to our whitelist members. At this pre-sale, a preferential and reduced price will be applied. 

The remaining number of these 3334 Oceanos will be sold afterwards, in the first drop. And the President will be sold at a special auction.

A total of 2 NFTs per person will be available on the day of the mint.

Q3 2022

President auction

The President, our rarest and most powerful NFT will be sold separately at an auction. The platform will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Q3 2022

Giveaways for early holders

Once the first drop is completed, an exceptional lucky draw will be offered to early holders. They will receive a parcel of 1 x 1 in the Sandbox.

A screenshot of the holders will be taken on 4 days after the soldout in order to make a draw. Information about the draw will be communicated on Discord.

Q1 2023

Educational animation movie with your NFTs

The team behind the Oceanos is also working on a potential script for a 3D movie by Reel FX Animation. This studio runs on the artistic bravery of 500 people and creates films for cinemas and streaming platforms. Hence, you might be possible to discover your NFT on screens around the world in the future.

Q2 2023

Building an Oceanverse in the Sandbox

The game will be designed on the estate that the Oceanos own in the Sandbox. Through this parcel, players will be able to control their NFT, which will receive different privileges depending on whether they are a Senator, Governor, or the President!

Thus, Oceanos holders will see themselves developing a real civilization where they can both own a part of the game, while helping to clean up the world’s oceans with the earnings from the transactions that Tide Ocean Material® will make and that will be used to develop the collecting points in the world.

Roadmap The oceanos NFT

Q1 2022

Whitelist & community

The community comes first. Our main goal is to make sure that you’re rewarded for your pioneering spirit.

We will create a whitelist for the first tickets to buy «The Oceanos».

We’ll do a Pre-sale for whitelist members and then go into a public sale. You will be able to mint your Oceanos directly on our website.

Q3 2022

Cashback for VP & Senators

The initial receiving wallet addresses holding the President, the Vice President or a Senator will receive 0.2 ETH in return on their investment. A special thank you for their pioneering spirit, trust and for their faithful service for the Oceanos community.

Q3 2022

DAO for holders

People who have obtained one of the Oceanos will join our DAO to contribute to the development of the project and receive occasional giveaways to thank them for their participation. Thus, the happy owners will play the role of stakeholders in the project, without having to go through boring administrative processes.

Q4 2022

Saving millions of bottles

The Oceanos will make a big impact: they support fishermen who are collecting plastic waste to keep the oceans clean and make sure they are getting paid fairly for their important work.

1 single Citizen makes sure that the equivalent of up to 50’000 plastic bottles are saved from threatening the environment. Our ultimate goal is to sell all the Oceanos and make sure that #tide can close the loop by collecting and upcycling 100 million bottles. 

Q4 2022

Oceanos in Mexico

The Oceanos are a community of sea creatures that support #tide ocean’s activities in Asia. Yet, the success of this first drop could lead to establishing a project on a new continent: America. The Oceanos could help building a new team in Mexico, where plastic waste is taking the ocean over too.

Ready to join the movement ?

Join us on Twitter and Discord to follow the project.


A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger. NFTs can be associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos, and audio assets.

Thanks to our blockchain developer you will be able to mint your Oceano directly on our website with our minting platform. WL people will have access to the pre-sale before the public sale.

The Oceanos’ home is the Ethereum blockchain. You will receive your Oceano on your Ethereum address via a smart contract.

To be whitelisted, you need to have gone through the process of getting your ETH address pre-approved. This will allow you to mint an NFT at some predefined date and time defined by the NFT project team.

Join our Discord and Twitter spaces to get more information on how to be whitelisted.

You will own a collectible that will help remove plastic litter from the oceans. In other words, your NFT will contribute to the journey of closing the circle of plastic waste pollution in the physical world. Holding an Oceano will also give you a special access to giveaways (Sandbox parcel, cashback etc.). Your Oceano may additionally be integrated in an educational animation movie. You will also be able to play a game on the Oceanverse with your NFT.

The mint will be in the 5th of September 2022 @ 23PM (UTC+2)

You will be able to mint 2 Oceanos.

You will receive your NFT on your wallet and be able to trade it or hold it. Check the roadmap to see what will happen after the mint.

The whitepaper is coming soon and will be downloadable here.

Thomas, CEO and Founder of the oceanos

Member of PROOF and BAYC.

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Blockchain and NFT enthusiast.

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NFT marketing freak with a twist of dev.

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NFT & Blockchain passionate.

Jessica The Oceanos NFT

Creating a bridge between two worlds to help the Oceanos fulfill their mission.

Mvrick the oceanos

I am the father of the Oceanos.

Marc The Oceanos NFT

Connecting People and Oceanos to make the world a better place.

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